Finding Freelance Writers

Posted by Vera Appleyard on 5/4/2009

If you are trying to push into a competitive space on the web, you know that you have to produce a lot of content to play in the same space as the top dogs.

If you are a good, speedy writer you can produce a decent blog-length post every day. If you are slow and struggle over every word, it might be time to consider hiring some contract writers.

I've used Guru for the last five or six years, and I have consistently found strong writers who charge a very fair fee.  The best way to find writers you like is to list your job in Guru with as much detail as possible.  Read the samples of every writer. Ask them a few questions - and if they don't answer your questions, beware.

Once you have found a few writers you like, award them the job. Remember, you can award more than one person the job. This way you can give a few assignments out and get some real work to review. You are basically paying to see if they can do the job, so start with maybe two articles for each writer.

To build a reputation in Guru as a good employer, make sure you PAY ON TIME when the writers turn in their work. You don't want to show a long lag time in payment, because many top contractors will not want to bid on your jobs if they think they will need to fight for their money.

Once you have found a few writers you like, you can give them regular assignments.

I have generally found the best writers charge at least 10 cents a word - pretty darn cheap - but not so cheap they can't possibly churn out quality work.